Clarity in Health Care Law

At Lovett Law Group, LLC, we understand the specific issues faced by health care providers, including state and federal regulations, HIPPA compliance, licensing and permitting requirements, privileges, credentialing, and hospital law.

We specialize in managing federal or state audit, reimbursements through Medicare/Medicaid, and state licensing, permitting, and credentialing for ambulatory surgery centers, diagnostic clinics, and treatment centers. Let our health care attorneys assist you in the following areas:

Compliance With Stark and Kickback Statutes

Our lawyers recognize the constantly changing scope of statutes regarding anti-kickback and stark. We continuously guide our clients on potential regulatory drawbacks regarding these statutes and strive to keep our clients compliant with regulations.

Arbitration, Mediation, and Litigation Options

Lovett Law Group provides experienced representation for clients in court, mediation, arbitration, and any other aspects of case litigation. Our firm’s health care arbitration and mediation practices avoid the high costs and unpredictability of going to trial.

Counseling and Litigation for Certificate Of Need (CON) and Letter Of Non-Reviewability (LNR)

Both organization and staff must stay compliant with many changing licensing and certification requirements. We handle a variety of corporate transactions and applications involving the development of new and existing facilities, equipment, and services.

Advice for Health Care Employment

Our attorneys have assisted our clients with nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), non-competes, trade secrets, defense against whistleblower claims, contract disputes, and retaliation. We can also help you navigate the intricacies of physician employment agreements, hospital agreements, and general health provider agreements.

Regulatory Compliance Issues

We realize that the health care system can be complex, and we are here to guide you along the way. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in many facets of health care, including real estate; technology; compliance; security; and local, state, and federal regulatory laws and more.

Licensing and Certification Needs for Large and Small Organizations

Our attorneys understand the importance of compliance with state and federal regulations, and we put this expertise to work for our clients. We’ll assist with defense of restriction or revocation attempts on current licenses and certifications as well as acquisition and securing of appropriate licenses and certifications.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We’ll assist with all phases of health-care mergers and acquisitions, including issues related to regulatory, business, reimbursement, and risk allocation. Our attorneys can help you navigate practice organization and governance through professional corporations, LLCs, limited liability professional service firms, and medical practice associations.

Medicaid and Medicare Reimbursement

Our attorneys understand the intricate workings of reimbursements for Medicare, Medicaid, and other systems and strive to insure that our clients’ interests are met.

Managed Care

Lovett Law Group’s attorneys have critical knowledge of managed care strategies that help our clients  recognize their rights when negotiating with payers.

HIPAA And Privacy

It is becoming more difficult than ever for health care providers to insure that their patients’ personal information is kept private. We’re here to counsel providers on effective and useful strategies to avoid sanctions, penalties, and litigation related to HIPPA law.

Real Estate Representation for Owners and Operators

Our attorneys represent both owners and operators of multiple health care practices, including nursing home facilities, assisted living facilities, medical office buildings, rehabilitation facilities, and physician offices.

Agency and Regulatory Investigation

Investigations into your company can be stressful. Our proactive approach involves counseling and educating our clients on any changes to local, state, federal, or regulatory laws in their practice areas before an investigation occurs. Our lawyers will help you get a handle on necessary due diligence, self-audits and self-reporting, and any repayment/reimbursements paid due to coding errors.

Change of Ownership Transactions

Lovett Law Group provides instrumental counsel and unique insight into change of ownership transactions. We advise health care providers and corporations, including hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, retirement estates, urgent care facilities, physician offices, and physician group practices.