Real Property refers to any property that doesn’t move or is otherwise affixed to the land, such as real estate, housing, or crops. Lovett Law Group has extensive experience navigating real property law. Our lawyers specialize in the following domains:

  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Nuisance and Trespassing
  • Construction Law
  • Eminent Domain
  • Property Taxation
  • Quiet Title

Land Use and Zoning

Our attorneys handle almost every type of zoning and land dispute, including (but not limited to) appeals and challenges to land use denials, conservation easements, enterprise zone development, conditional use permits, sustainability issues, equal protection challenges, telecommunications, mining and landfill challenges, and government claims in eminent domain.

Nuisance and Trespassing

Nuisance and trespassing both refer to an infringement of your rights, whether someone is physically intruding on your land or encroaching on your space through pollution or noise. Our team has handled nuisance and trespassing cases at both the state and federal levels, litigating issues related to noise violations, illegal dumping, right-of-way obstructions, and more.

Construction Law

Lovett Law Group’s representation covers all stages of a construction projects, including contract negotiation, drafting, dispute resolution, rights-of-way issues, and notice requirements. And given the changes that have occurred to construction law in Georgia, lien holders have more issues to consider than ever before.

Eminent Domain

What happens when a government entity forcible takes a landowner’s private property with little notice? In these cases, private property owners need someone who can level the playing field by bringing this same expertise to the eminent domain dispute. Lovett Law Group has extensive experience in both direct and indirect government takings, condemnation, property interest, access management, land use compliance, and how to maximize monetary recovery through pre-condemnation planning.

Property Taxation

Don’t be caught off guard by unexpected property tax. Our attorneys can help you navigate the complex world of property taxes pertaining to ad valorem tax appeals, state/federal income tax representation, and sales and franchise tax disputes.

Quiet Title

An action to a quiet title is a lawsuit filed to establish ownership of real property, usually involving disputes over boundary lines. These complications are common, yet they can cause big problems to landowners on the wrong end of judicial action. Lovett Law Group specializes in managing title uncertainties, competing property interests, and when necessary, settling boundary ownership issues in court.